The Safeguard Air Duct Cleaning System

The air duct cleaning system Safeguard technicians employ is among the most powerful air duct cleaning systems on the market today. Our cleaning system applies to nearly any air duct system found in homes today. The techniques and methods our staff utilize are the result of careful training to operate their equipment safely and consistently with the guidelines set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

Air Duct Cleaning: Step 1

The Safeguard Crew arrives at your home on time

Air Duct Cleaning: Step 2

We greet you and carefully reviews the cleaning services you have requested

   Air Duct Cleaning: Step 3

Before the air duct cleaning,  we will explain the importance of indoor air quality and air purification products available.

   Air Duct Cleaning: Step 4

Safeguard uses some of the most powerful equipment available. The industrial strength cleaning unit vacuums debris from your air ducts.

  Air Duct Cleaning: Step 5

The technicians will prepare your home for service by covering floors with protective cloths and placing corner guards where needed.

  Air Duct Cleaning: Step 6

The technician carefully seals a return air vent before cleaning to maximize the air flow.

  Air Duct Cleaning: Step 7

Your advisor will explain how Safeguard cleans the HVAC system using a variety of specialized tools adapted to even the most unique system.

  Air Duct Cleaning: Step 8

We connect a powerful 8 inch vacuum to the main trunk line. The vacuum collects all contaminants which are dislodged during cleaning.​

Air Duct Cleaning: Step 9

High pressure air and specialized tools are used to dislodge the dirt and debris so that the vacuum can pull it into the containment unit.

   Air Duct Cleaning: Step 10

The technician inserts the compressed air hose with an air whip which loosens dirt from the duct walls and pushes the dust and dirt to the vacuum.

  Air Duct Cleaning: Step 11

The technician installs a galvanized sheet metal access panel over the hole and attaches it with 12 screws in accordance with NADCA standards and seals the patch with metal tape

Air Duct Cleaning: Step 12

The technician seals the hole made to insert the air whip with an approved plug